May 14
University of Denver Spring ID Camp #2


10:00AM - 2:00PM

13 and up

The Ritchie Center
Diane Wendt

Field Players


What should I bring?
Please bring a soccer ball, cleats, shin guards, sunscreen and water.
Will water station be supplied?
What is in the confirmation email?
There is the logo, camp name, date of your camp, participant's name, dollar amount, description, and link to add it to your personal calendar.
Where is check in? Where is check out?
Check in for all camps will be to the right of the turnaround in front of the Richi Center in front of the lacrosse field.  
Will there be trainers?
Are the fields grass or turf?
There is both.  Diane Wendt is turf, Cyber Field is grass.  They are next to each other with a fence that separates them. 
If lunch is provided, where do the campers eat?
Everyone eats outside the concessions of the Richie Center in the shade.
If I am driving myself to camp, where should I park?
Contact Kris Peat for parking details.
Will Denver Women's Soccer merchandise be available for purchase?
Yes - easiest method of payment is cash or check once camp has started.